About Us

About Us

Yashima Sangyo Co., Ltd., is a worldwide acclaimed business entity. Our internationally trading company is trusted for professionally executing different business operations from quality product procurement to shipment. Our company looks after a wide variety of merchandise from Robotics to Semiconductors. As an exporter and supplier, we enjoy a huge business network. Our big network helps our customers to get the best products. 

We do International trading business with perfection. This has earned us around 700 suppliers and 800 customers from all across the world. Our company takes pride in having strong market base for products like FA, PLC, connectors, sensors & industrial power supply. We have recently established new trading bases in Malaysia, South Korea, etc., We are evolving with time and challenging our worldwide competitors by being excellent at work.

Our business unit strongly believes in the practice of rendering only quality to buyers. Hence, we implement stringent quality testing process to ensure delivering supreme in quality Temperature Control Devices, LED Displays, Electronic Converters, Circuit Components, Surveillance Camera, etc., to globally based customers. We are a favorite business choice of several clients due to ethical working practice, deep market knowledge and strong financial status.

Environment Philosophy

Our company cares about the impact of production and sale of electronic devices, electric control equipment, etc., over environment. Knowing this, we adopt an environment policy that supports the interest of environmental conservation. Following points reveal our small yet significant contribution in the saving of environment:
  • Reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide
  • Working to reduce waste
  • Lessening use of chemical substances
  • Abiding with set environmental laws and regulations
  • Proposal and sale of systems and products that can contribute to the betterment of environment
  • Communicating employees and partner companies about the need to save our environment
  • Promoting environmentally friendly products and services and work for the practice of green purchasing.
Customers Satisfaction

There's nothing more crucial to our internationally famed company than happy customers. We believe in serving right quality products to our buyers at right prices. We carefully study market requirements and source range accordingly from several noted manufacturers. Our company has a big warehousing facility where offered product line that includes Circuit Components, Temperature Control Devices, etc., is kept in a large quantity. This is done by us to meet urgent requirements of buyers in a small period of time. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

With extreme responsible nature towards the society we live in, we carry out our business works. Our contribution to the industry in the form supplying quality products is in complete consideration with ethical aspects. We never hurt our people, society and environment in order to earn name, fame and money. We are practicing following cited codes of conduct to come across as a socially responsible corporate organization:
  • Provide useful products and services with complete for safety and protection of personal information and customer information. This way, we work hard to acquire customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Execute transparent, fair, free competition & right transactions
  • Communicate rightly with society and disclose corporate information in a positive and fair manner.
  • Respect the personality, diversity, and individuality of our valued employees and provide a comfortable, safe and secure work environment.
  • Realize that environmental initiatives are compulsory for the smooth existence and activities of a company, and act actively and voluntarily.
  • Actively contribute our bit to the society as a responsible social company.
  • Confront with perfection, antisocial forces and organizations that harms civil society.
  • Respect international rules, local cultures, norms, laws and contributing in their great development
  • Make sure that code of conduct is excellently implemented under the strong leadership of top management.
  • In case of a serious offence of the code of conduct, the top management will surely solve the problem and will work hard to make it isn't repeated again.
Company History


Company got established on 26th November in the year 1957


Developed a customer service based system


Attained annual sales of around 700 million yen.


Industrial world commenced taking active part in the FA mechatronics. The high use of micro-computers was clearly visible


The Kyushu area known with a name IC island, transformed into a semiconductor factory area.


The IC boom that lasted for almost three years started to fade.


Started working as a sole agent of Kyushu of Daito Tsushinki Co., Ltd.


Attained annual sales of around 1.2 billion yen by being attentive on expanding sales of FA products and processing property sales.


Capital got enhanced to 10 million yen. Authorized capital registered as 20 million yen. The industry is a bit slow due to the recession.


Affiliated company Y-System Co., Ltd. Formed.


Focus on high-tech mechatronics products, control ICs, servo motors, electronic boards, motor drivers, assembly robots, light sources, orthogonal robots, converters, centralized meter reading, image processing and more.


Tokyo sales office started. (Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)


New sales headquarters building got completed (Generally regarded as Y building). Acquired ISO14001: 2004 certification.


At Rishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, issued around 70 million unsecured bonds


  • Oita satellite got started. Tokyo sales office was relocated from the Tsukishima, Chuo-ku to Taito, Taito-ku.
  • Redevelopment of head office building got finished.


  • 5S activity began. (Five initials of organizing, tidying, cleaning, cleanliness, & discipline)
  • Kumamoto Development Center & Sales Office commenced.


Developed a semiconductor design center within the head office. Commenced product development from design.


  • Started FA Technical Center.
  • At Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Exhibition, projected branding design.
  • Enhanced the capital to 30 million yen.


  • Tokyo sales office got changed to Tokyo branch. Resettled at Taiyo Life Kanda Building 10F, Chiyoda-ku.
  • Formed overseas sales department at Fukuoka head office, commenced importing Korean / Taiwan / European based products and supplying in Japan.


  • Acquired annual sales of around 2.1 billion yen by increasing out sales of medical products & solar power generation equipment and conventional products.
  • Started a design office in the Tokyo branch and opened a corporate design business.


In Gangnam, Seoul, Korea, formed a Seoul branch and commenced business with Korean equipment manufacturer.


Industry 4.0 Lecture by three German companies and, we attained an outstanding response.


Took part in Electronics Manufacturing Korea 2016, which is Korea's biggest electronics manufacturing industry exhibition. We are happy to have capital participation in FA Support Engineering's Penec Co., Ltd. In order to become a group company.


  • At Tokyo Big Sight Robotex (robot development and utilization exhibition), exhibited.
  • Formed Hiroshima Sales Office at Ginzan-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, & started a local subsidiary in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.
  • Introduced defined contribution pension system


Enhanced capital to 80 million yen.

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